Thursday, June 23, 2016

Call to vote Remain today

Liberal Democrats in Gateshead had sent an email message to over 2000 homes in the borough calling on residents to vote Remain today.

Leader of the Opposition on the Council, Jonathan Wallace, argues that Britain is better off in Europe and leaving the EU would be damaging for the economy, jobs, British influence abroad and attempts to tackle pollution.

He wrote:

Dear Fellow Residents,

Today, we each have a vote in the European Referendum. I’m voting to REMAIN and I hope you will do the same as well.

I am voting to stay in the EU because I believe we are stronger in Europe. We have full access to the world’s biggest Single Market. This is vital for our economy as 60% of our trade is done with the EU.

We are safer because of the European Arrest Warrant. This allows police forces to have criminals returned to the UK to face justice.

Our air and seas are cleaner because of the EU. Pollution ignores international boundaries so tackling it needs to be done at an international level. The EU has led on this.

On jobs and prosperity, tackling crime and cutting pollution, the EU has brought us great improvements.

But what is the future of Britain if we vote to leave the EU? Those who are leading the campaign to abandon the EU have not answered that - because they can’t. They are unable to tell us how Britain would be better off alone.

They cannot tell us how the economy will recover from the damage a vote to leave will cause (nearly all experts agree that leaving would deal a big blow to the economy).

Voting to leave is an enormous risk with too many unknowns. On Friday morning we could wake up to find our economy in a state of shock and the country marching into the unknown.

Or we could vote to REMAIN and wake up tomorrow to a Britain that is prosperous and has influence abroad. That’s what I want and I hope you join me in voting to REMAIN.

Yours sincerely,
Dr Jonathan Wallace
Leader of the Liberal Democrat Opposition on Gateshead Council

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Wallace Calls on Residents to Back Remain

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Jonathan Wallace is calling on Gateshead residents to vote Remain in the Referendum on Thursday.

Residents of Gateshead are being urged to vote Remain in the Referendum on Thursday 23rd June by local Liberal Democrats.

Dr Jonathan Wallace, Leader of the Opposition on Gateshead Council, said, “60% of our trade is with the EU, the world’s biggest market. 3 million jobs rely on that trade. Quitting will be a self-inflicted wound that will risk our economy.

“The recovery from the crisis under Labour in 2008-9 is still weak but the sacrifices we have had to make to restore the economy could be nothing compared to the impact of leaving the EU.

“Thousands of local residents work in firms such as Nissan in Sunderland or Komatsu, in Birtley, or in the supply chain businesses. These businesses prosper because they can export easily to Europe. Leaving the EU will mean barriers to trade will be raised. That will risk jobs of Gateshead residents.

“So far no one from the Brexit side has been able to outline a realistic vision for Britain outside the EU. The vast majority of economic experts believe quitting would be bad for Britain. Most of the biggest employers believe it will be bad for Britain. And I believe it will be bad for Britain and communities here in Gateshead.

“Being in Europe means we can export our goods free of tariffs. Pollution takes no notice of international boundaries. That’s why the EU has had such an important role to play in cutting pollution.

“Working with our European partners, British police forces have been able to track down and have criminals returned to the UK under the European Arrest Warrant to face justice.

“Britain is better off in Europe. Leaving brings a huge number of risks. I’m not voting to gamble with our future. I’m voting to Remain and I’m urging residents of Gateshead to do the same.”