Thursday, January 04, 2007

Recycle your Xmas trees

RESIDENTS of Gateshead are being urged to recycle their Christmas trees by green campaigning Liberal Democrat councillors.

They want people in Gateshead to put their Christmas trees into their Green-it bins so they can be collected by the Council to turn into compost.

Councillor Yvonne McNicol, who represents Dunston Hill and Whickham East, said, “Recycling Christmas trees by putting them into the Green-it bins for collection benefits both the environment and the taxpayer.

“By turning them into compost the Council needs to buy less commercially produced soil conditioner for local parks. It also means the Council avoids having to pay landfill tax.

“And the environment benefits by not having holes in the ground filled with landfill rubbish.”

During the winter months, Green-it garden waste bins are emptied monthly rather than fortnightly.

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