Tuesday, May 22, 2007

With deepest sympathies

It is with great sorrow that we report that Councillor Maureen Clelland has passed away. Maureen was the councillor for Dunston and Teams and before that for the former Dunston ward.

Maureen was always widely respected and greatly liked by members on all sides. She was a genuine public servant whose driving force was to do the best for the people she represented. She will be greatly missed.

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clasper village genius said...

Wasn't she just re-elected a couple of weeks back?

My sympathies to her family.

clasper village genius said...

Labour have been quick off the mark with this one.

Obviously, they don't want the election campaign to be held during the school holidays and have quickly called the election the day after the funeral, no less.

Such indecent haste!

Polling day for the by-election is the 5th of July.

However, why was she allowed to stand in the first place since it was well-known she had terminal cancer?

It will be interesting to see who Labour bus in for this one.

The Lib Dems, no doubt, will stand their taxi driver candidate, who also lives outside the ward. The Tories only have one candidate to choose from in Gateshead in by-elections.

He doesn't live in the ward either!

clasper village genius said...

Interesting spin (in favour of the Lib Dems, surprise, surprise) on your blog about the forthcoming by-election in D&T.

Jonathan, stick it up on here as well, so us mere mortals can have a dig at it too.

Jonathan Wallace said...

I'm sure your friends can click on the link to my personal blog where no doubt they will post their views!

Anonymous said...

Whispers I am hearing inform me that Labour has selected an electoral reject from Whickham to fight the Dunston by election. Is this true ?
Dunston will not accept an "outsider" from as far afield as Whickham.

disgruntled voter said...

It is indeed a shame that a person has lost a life to this horrible disease.Which discriminates against no-one it will try to take anyone. But that does not help the electorate who put their trust in labour and were falsely led to believe that the person they were voting in, was up to the job for the full term. As I have already said it is a shame for the family and friends of the deceased(I myself have lost people close to me through this disease)But I believe the blame should land directly at the election agents feet for this deception, regardless of the circumstances for the candidate being chosen.