Friday, June 06, 2008

Call for North East to be world leader in offshore wind power

A LEADING Liberal Democrat campaigner in Gateshead has called on North East companies ot take a lead in developing offshore wind power.

Councillor Peter Maughan, who is Parliamentary spokesman for Blaydon constituency, made the call after the New and Renewable Energy Centre (NaREC) in Blyth said the region could create thousands of new jobs in the wind energy sector.

NaREC is a respected organisation which has a high level of expertise in renewable energy.

“The North East has the engineering history to be able to build the turbines,” said Peter. “But as a region we have to have the determination to be the best in green energy production.

“Putting turbines off shore in the North Sea would help us cut our carbon emissions. It’s a windy location and the North East is well placed to take advantage of it.

“If businesses seize the initiative now, we will be able to create many new jobs and be a powerhouse for much of the rest of the country.”

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