Friday, July 04, 2008

Blaydon “has not benefited from Brown’s first year as Prime Minister”

Blaydon has not benefited from Gordon Brown’s leadership, claim local Liberal Democrats in a message to residents.

Labour MPs unanimously made Mr Brown party leader last year and on 27th June, they marked his first anniversary as Prime Minister.

But local Liberal Democrats are unhappy about Mr Brown’s leadership and have argued strongly that Blaydon has failed to benefit from his year as Prime Minister.

Peter Maughan, Parliamentary Spokesman for Blaydon Constituency Liberal Democrats, said, “Gordon Brown has been in office for a year and I am still looking for any significant improvements here in Blaydon.

“Instead of the strong leadership claims Labour spun last year, we have endured months of dithering, indecision and a chaotic government under Prime Minister Brown. He seems more like a rabbit frozen in the headlights rather than a person giving leadership to the country.

“Having failed to sort the improvements that are badly needed on the A1 Western Bypass, thousands of local residents on low incomes continue to be worse off under Gordon Brown’s 10p tax grab, despite the recent panic concessions.

“Thousands are being forced to pay more council tax and many local residents are forced to live in overcrowded conditions because of the credit crunch and the failure of Labour to build sufficient affordable homes.

“As I go around Blaydon speaking to residents, I find more and more anger as matters get worse under Gordon Brown rather than better.”

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