Thursday, September 04, 2008

Delight and anger at Post Offices news

LIBERAL Democrats in Blaydon constituency have responded with delight to the announcement that plans to close Blackhall Mill Post Office have been withdrawn.

But they have also expressed their anger at the decision to press ahead with the closure of the branches in Crookhill and Winlaton Mill.

Liberal Democrat Councillor and Parliamentary Spokesman for Blaydon, Peter Maughan, campaigned to keep open the three branches. Local members collected over 250 signatures from residents calling for the three Post Offices to keep going.

“I am very pleased for Blackhall Mill,” said Peter. “Residents would have had to take a long and steep walk to Chopwell to get to the next Post Office. I am pleased that the Post Office management has seen sense on this.

“But the decision to press ahead with the closure of Winlaton Mill and Crookhill is a blow to these two communities.

“The government’s decision to force through the closures of branches will leave thousands of residents here without a local Post Office.

“Only one branch of the 81 proposed for closure in the North East has been saved from the axe. That looks to me very much like the consultation over the closures was little more than a sham.”

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