Monday, November 03, 2008

Maughan raises concerns about Derwent Reservoir following river flooding

LEADING Liberal Democrat Councillor in Gateshead, Peter Maughan, has raised concerns with Northumbrian Water over the Derwent Reservoir.


Following flooding along the Derwent River in early September, Councillor Maughan has written to the Environment Agency about the need for better flood defences in villages such as Blackhall Mill.


But after speaking to residents in Chopwell on Saturday 1st November, he has raised further concerns with Northumbrian Water.


“Blackhall Mill came very close to flooding and Chopwell came close to being cut off along its Derwentside route in September,” said Peter.


“Many residents have now told me that they feel some of the flooding in September could have been avoided if the Derwent Reservoir had been able to hold more water.  Yet residents tell me that the Reservoir was kept close to being full before the heavy rains.


“I have written to Northumbrian Water about this and asked them to clarify the situation. If, as now seems likely, climate change is causing more sudden and heavy downpours, we need to take action to reduce the effects.


“Ensuring Derwent Reservoir has capacity to hold back flood waters in the future and then release water once the rains have stopped could help to reduce future floods.”

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