Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Queen's Speech “won’t help families in Gateshead” – Liberal Democrats

The Government’s plans for new laws will do little to help hard-pressed families in Gateshead, claims a leading local Liberal Democrat.

The plans were outlined in the Queen’s Speech but disappointed Liberal Democrats say that the Government’s announcements will do very little to help people Gateshead cope with the recession.

"The measures in the Queen's Speech are not enough to help people with the real problems we are now facing,” said Dr Jonathan Wallace, Councillor for Whickham and Sunniside.

“We need legislation to change the way energy tariffs work to make sure people get the cheapest prices for their essential fuel and power and changes to taxes to put money back in people's pockets.

"With the massive discounts on offer in the shops at the moment, the short term trimming of VAT will make little difference and what we need is income tax cuts targeted at low earners and paid for through closing loopholes.

“Residents of Gateshead who are worried by the economic situation will find little comfort in this programme.

“We need action to force the banks to lend money on fair terms to small businesses and families – and make it quite clear that if the banks cannot be made to act, the government will lend directly itself.

"The Government wasted the opportunity to help people in last week's Pre-Budget Report and now with the Queen's Speech they are wasting it again."

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Margaret eccles said...

I have to say thank you for all the local news issued by Lib Dems and also all the battles they fight for the safety and welfare in our area. Regarding the new legislation on benefits etc. As a Pensioner receiving pension credit. I was shocked to receive a Council Tax Bill from December to March for £268. As a result of the decreasing interest rates I am no longer eligible for pension credit the council tell me so will therefore not only have lost my pension credit, but will have to pay full council tax. It is an impossible situation. What on earth is happening, surely this cannot be right.