Thursday, April 09, 2009

Residents surveyed on plans for traffic lights

RESIDENTS of Sunniside, Gateshead, have overwhelmingly backed plans for traffic lights in the village.

A survey of residents was carried out by the village’s three Liberal Democrat councillors, Marilynn Ord, John McClurey and Jonathan Wallace.

The Council plans to put in traffic lights at the busy junction of Sunniside Road and Sunniside Front Street.

Currently many vehicles are driving through residential areas to get to the traffic lights at the Coronation Road junction with Front Street. It is hoped that the additional traffic lights will cut down on this rat-running.

“Over two thirds of those responding to our survey welcomed the plans,” said Marilynn. “We are pleased with this as we have been pressing the council to put in traffic lights at the junction for a number of years.

“There are some details that residents have raised and we hope to sort these with the engineers shortly.”

The lights are now expected to be installed in the next few months.

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