Friday, October 16, 2009

Primary School review proposes 3 school closures in Whickham area

Washingwell School Oct 09

The long awaited review of primary schools in the Whickham area is now underway. The review has come about because of a fall in the number of children living in the area. As a result, there are many more places in local schools in total across Whickham and surrounding villages than there are children to fill them.

Whilst some schools are full, others have places available which continue to cost money to maintain. The Council’s initial proposals to get rid of surplus places include:

1)considering closing Washingwell, Marley Hill and Sacred Heart (Byermoor) schools;

2)building a new Front Street School but changing it from a 2 to one form entry.

Gateshead Council has put these proposals out to consultation and no decision on actual closures and reorganisation will take place until next year.

“We do need to ensure that surplus places are reduced,” said Councillor Allison Chatto, “but I believe that Washingwell has a good case for being kept open.

“It has just had a very good review by government education inspectors and is in a safe location away from main roads.”

Washingwell governor, Councillor Peter Maughan, said, “Washingwell is one of the newest schools in the area and is providing a great education for local children.

“Though there is a need to reduce surplus places, I think the arguments for keeping Washingwell School going are overwhelming.”

Pictured above, Washingwell School Governor Cllr Peter Maughan and Lib Dem campaigner Neil Bradbury outside Washingwell School which is being considered by Gateshead Council for closure.


Mrs Bush said...

Marley hill school should be considered to be saved as it is not in Whickham!!! Why should children from Sunniside,Byemoor and Marley hill be forced to leave a fantastic school.
Whickham has Fellside,whickham parochial,Whickham Front street,St Mary's Whickham,Washingwell Whickham,Cloverhill Whickham.
Lets try and save a local school for the local community!!!I was a pupil at Marley hill in 1974 when it was over subscribed, so they built Clover hill School but it was in Whickham?? Please could someone tell me why Whickham should take priority over Sunniside?

Anonymous said...

i was a pupil at this school and it ridiculus tht its gtn closed as its not part of whickham!!!!!!

anna said...

they are on about closing 2 or 3 schools in the whickham area my children go to front street and we have just had our christmas card class lists and in year 1 there are 61 kids in year 3 there are 62 kids and in year 5 there are 63 kids so if they close at leased 2 of the schools where are the extra kids out of these years going to go

John said...

It’s not just the Schools that will be affected by the changes local business within Whickham will be affected. If Front Street School is halved this will effect trade to local business and could be the down turn of the area. As shops could be forced to close and with the economic more and more empty shops.

Anonymous said...

byermoor school, should be saved as it is the ONLY cathelic primary in the MARLEY HILL,SUNNISIDE AND BYERMOOR area !!!