Saturday, March 27, 2010

recycling NR Mar 10

The system of recycling across Gateshead is about to be changed with the introduction of new wheelie bins.

The new blue bin will take all the material currently put out for recycling. In addition, it will take cardboard and plastic bottles.

A box that goes on the inside of the bin will be used to hold paper. The bins will be emptied fortnightly, on the same cycle as currently in place. The first bins will be provided in May.

Recently, Gateshead had one of the worst recycling rates in the region. Lib Dem run Newcastle has a recycling rate far ahead of the Labour run council on this side of the Tyne.

Photo: Councillor Noel Rippeth with one of the new wheelie bins and paper boxes.

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Anonymous said...

Gateshead have been shockingly poor on recycling compared to our neighbour councils for years. For example, South Tyneside now have the excellent "recycling village" that replaced their old dump - Gateshead dumps still don't recycling electricals or low grade wood!