Friday, August 12, 2011

Residents battle to keep open aged persons’ home

Residents of Sun Hill in Sunniside, Gateshead are to rally together and launch a petition opposing proposals that could see their aged persons’ home close without a replacement.

Sun Hill is a popular location and has been home to Sunniside’s senior citizens for the last forty years. But the Council is considering closing the home as it does not come up to modern standards.

There are fears that without Sun Hill in place, Sunniside will be without a home for older residents.

“The knock on effect of closing and not replacing Sun Hill would be enormous in Sunniside,” said Cllr John McClurey, Liberal Democrat councillor for the village, who is helping residents campaign to keep a home for older people in the village.

“Without Sun Hill, many older people in Sunniside will opt to stay in their existing homes. That will mean fewer family homes available for people with young children in the village.

“Sun Hill has been a great success and the residents love living there. There is a very strong community spirit in the home and many activities take place in the community lounge. When you move into Sun Hill it’s like joining a family. I am worried this will be lost if Sun Hill is closed.”

Residents will be rallying outside Sun Hill to launch a petition calling for Sun Hill to be retained at 11am on Saturday 13th August.

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