Thursday, September 29, 2011

Delight as Emmaus pulls out of Dunston

Homeless charity Emmaus have decided not to go ahead with their plans to convert Dunston Hill School into a centre for homeless people. And the decision not to proceed has been welcomed by the local Lib Dem Councillor, Peter Maughan, who helped residents fight the scheme.

Councillor Maughan, who organised the public meeting for residents about the plan to change the school to a centre to house and train homeless people, said the decision to end the plans was the right one for Dunston.

“Whilst the aims of Emmaus were laudable, the location was completely wrong,” said Peter. “Residents expressed considerable concern about the impact on Dunston village.

“I am pleased that Emmaus have recognised that a proposal of this sort needs strong community backing which in this instance, was not there.

“Those who supported the plan, such as Labour MP for the area, David Anderson, were in a small minority. At the public meeting I arrange, the community made its position abundantly clear that this was a scheme they did not want to go ahead.

“I will be contacting council officers soon to raise concerns about the future of the Dunston Hill School site. An alternative use needs to be found for it but it must be one that is acceptable to the community of Dunston.”

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