Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Whickham building plans dropped

Marilynn John Fellside Park Oct 11 2

A PROPOSAL to allow house-building to the south of Fellside Park in Whickham has been abandoned by Gateshead Council following strong opposition from local Liberal Democrat Councillors.

The proposals were considered as part of Gateshead Council’s “Strategic Land Review” which is looking at building thousands of houses in Gateshead over the next two decades. The vast majority of the areas being considered for new housing are greenfield sites in the west of the borough.

Councillors John McClurey, Marilynn Ord and Jonathan Wallace met planning officers during the summer to discuss the house-building plans.

“We said very clearly that there was no way we could support the proposal to extend Fellside Park by building on the land up to the Clockburn Lonnen,” said John.

“Fellside Road is already very busy and during the rush hour it becomes congested. Adding more houses to Fellside Park would have made a bad traffic situation worse.

“In addition, the area proposed for development is open countryside which adds to the quality of life for Fellside residents.

“We are pleased that following our objections, the Council has removed the Fellside Park proposals from the house building proposals.”

Photo - Councillors Marilynn Ord and John McClurey on the site to the south of Fellside Park, Whickham, which Gateshead Council had considered for house-building. The proposals have now been dropped.

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