Monday, November 14, 2011

Residents views sought on house building

A LIBERAL Democrat Councillor in Gateshead is carrying out a survey of residents of Dunston to find out their views about Gateshead Council’s proposals to build houses on local greenbelt.

Gateshead’s Labour Council are carrying out a “Strategic Land Review” under which local landowners have been invited to put forward bids to have their land used for house building.

One of the sites is to the south of Whickham Highway on Dunston Hill where the Labour-run Council are proposing 800 homes could be built.

Councillor Peter Maughan, who represents the area on Gateshead Council, delivered survey forms on Sunday 13th November and collected 140 replies in the evening.

“I am very concerned about these proposals,” said Cllr Maughan. “I have represented local people on Gateshead Council for many years and I have always fought to protect the greenbelt here.

“I decided to carry out the survey to find out the strength of opinion about Labour’s plans to build on the greenbelt here.

“We got a very good response over the weekend. However, I have already started to produce a report on the results so if residents want their views to be included, they should get their completed survey forms back to me as soon as possible.”

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