Sunday, January 01, 2012

North East Liberal Democrats welcome scheme to tackle metal theft

North East Liberal Democrats have welcomed a new scheme to tackle metal theft.

From Tuesday 3rd January a news scheme will be introduced requiring anyone selling scrap metal to a dealer to provide proof of identity and address. The scheme is being trialled in the North East and all 240 registered scrap merchants are expected to sign up to the scheme.

Cllr Frank Hindle said “Metal theft has been a huge problem, affecting the Metro and rail systems, individual homes and businesses - and sometimes whole streets have been systematically targeted. This scheme should choke off the ability of thieves to sell the stolen metal.

"Local Liberal Democrat councillors and Lib Dem MEP Fiona Hall have been pressing for action to tackle this problem and I am pleased that the government, police and the legitimate scrap industry are working together on this scheme. We will also continue to press for other changes, such as ending cash sales of scrap metal.”

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