Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Sunniside Community Orchard and Woodland extended

Kingsway Community Orchard planting session Mar 17 (82)

The community orchard on Kingsway, Sunniside, has been extended to cover most of the previously unused site. And with another 100 trees planted, the whole project cost only £200. The trees were provided by environmental charity for Groundwork for only £2 each. The planting was carried out on Tuesday 21st March by volunteers from the Princes Trust and by Councillors Marilynn Ord and Jonathan Wallace.

"We discovered that Groundwork had a large number of trees they were keen to sell so we took the opportunity to complete the woodland orchard project which was first started 5 years ago when 40 trees were planted," said Cllr Jonathan Wallace.

"The site is at the top of Kingsway, on the south side of the road. 50 years ago it was scheduled for house building but the homes were never built and the site wasn't given a new role.

"7 years ago a council consultation was carried out in Sunniside to ask people about where possible new play equipment should go. The overwhelming view of residents was that the top of Kingsway should not be used as a play area.

"We've now found a new use as a woodland and community orchard. In years to come it will look great in the spring and help boost the appearance of Sunniside."

Kingsway Community Orchard planting session Mar 17 (89)

Cllrs Marilynn Ord and Jonathan Wallace with the final tree to be planted in the Kingsway woodland.

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