Friday, June 23, 2017

Dementia tax victory welcomed in Gateshead

David and Jonathan Wallace Oct 16

Liberal Democrat campaigners are celebrating a victory for pensioners and families across the UK as the hated ‘Dementia Tax’ is removed from the Queen’s Speech

The Conservatives have been forced to u-turn on the dreaded ‘Dementia Tax’. With no mention of their horrific policy in the Queen’s Speech, they have been forced to kick their plans into the long grass.

This is a big victory for Liberal Democrats who campaigned hard to scrap the ‘Dementia Tax’ and to save the ‘Lib Dem pension Triple Lock'.

Lib Dem Leader of the Opposition on Gateshead Council, Dr Jonathan Wallace, said, “The Conservatives should be ashamed of their plans. We now demand assurances from the government that the ‘Dementia Tax’ is gone for good!

"As the Conservatives set out their plans for the country in the Queen's Speech, there was no mention of stopping real terms cuts to the NHS, the police or to our schools. In addition, the economy was barely mentioned either.

"What once was the crutch of the Conservative party is now broken - with more debt every day and a large Brexit bill to pay."

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