Friday, September 15, 2017

Labour Rebels Hand May a Blank Cheque - Wallace

Flying flag for Europe Gateshead Quays Mar 17 (42)

Liberal Democrats in Gateshead have accused the Labour Party of handing Theresa May a blank cheque over the UK’s withdrawal from the EU. A vote held on 12th September  on the EU withdrawal Bill saw 7 Labour MPs vote with the Conservatives, helping to boost May’s majority.

The Withdrawal Bill will pass all current EU laws and rules into British law and give Government ministers unprecedented powers to change them without requiring further legislation.

Lib Dem candidate for Blaydon, Jonathan Wallace, said, “Despite Labour flip-flopping over their stance on the EU and the Single Market, they at least had a definite position on this Bill, which was to oppose it. In the Commons, Theresa May blew away her majority at the snap General Election in June so even a small rebellion by the chaotic Labour Party saves the Conservatives.

“That’s exactly what’s happened here. Those Labour rebels, and those who abstained, in effect teamed up with the Tory Right and the DUP to hand ministers massive powers to by-pass Parliament.”

Tom Brake MP, Liberal Democrat Brexit Spokesperson, said, “This Bill will hand the Government unprecedented new powers. MPs, especially those who campaigned to leave the EU on the basis of ‘taking back control’ for our Parliament, should be ashamed.  They have abdicated their responsibility to scrutinise legislation and relinquished Parliamentary sovereignty to Theresa May’s unrepresentative cabal.

“This is a dark day for the mother of parliaments.  The Liberal Democrats will fight to amend the bill in Committee to stop this affront to democracy.

“Labour rebels have handed the Government sweeping anti-democratic powers.  A significant number walked hand in hand with the Tories and have given the Government extreme powers not seen since the Middle Ages.”

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