Friday, December 22, 2006

Graffiti removal in Lady Park

Residents of Lady Park have raised a number of graffiti problems with Lib Dem campaigner Susan Craig. The graffiti in question has been mainly on street and traffic signs. Susan has notified Gateshead Council’s Anti-Graffiti Team about them.

The Anti-Graffiti Team operates throughout the borough to remove racist or obscene graffiti by the end of the next working day following it being reported. Non-racist/offensive graffiti will be removed as soon as practical. The Team use a Gateshead Council vehicle equipped with some of the latest and most environment-friendly anti-graffiti technology.

Neighbourhood Wardens can issue a fine of £50 when dealing with graffiti offenders.

Residents can request removal themselves. To request the removal of graffiti please contact: Local Environmental Services on 433 7000 (24 hour line) or Susan on 488 0787 if you wish to report any problem areas. You can also report it via email on

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