Friday, December 22, 2006

Lobley Hill footbridge to be demolished

The landmark Lobley Hill footbridge is to be demolished in February when a number of changes to Lobley Hill Road and the junction with Whickham Highway take place.

The existing mini roundabout at the junction will be replaced with traffic lights. Pedestrian crossing will also be installed where the footbridge currently stands. Another crossing will be installed before the junction on Consett Road.
Local Lib Dem campaigner Susan Craig is carrying out a survey of residents of Lobley Hill Bank and other neighbouring streets on their views about the changes.

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Steven said...

Hello, as metioned previously via email, are you aware of any move to stop the parking outside the shops next to the Lobley Hill footbridge?

I hav witnessed so many near misses due to the road being made a single carriage way by parked cars, and it must be a hazard for the children when they arrive and leave school.

I can't believe a main access road into that side of Lobley Hill, used by large buses and delivering lorries can be alowed to be blockd in such a way.