Monday, February 12, 2007

Fewer satisfied with Council – admits Gateshead

A survey of residents by Gateshead Council has found fewer are satisfied with the overall level of service provided by the authority. The figures show a drop of 8% since the last survey 3 years ago.

All Councils are required to carry out satisfaction surveys once every three years. In 2003/4, the survey showed 70% of people were satisfied overall with the level of service provided by Gateshead. This has dropped to 62%.

In addition, those taking part in the survey want the Council to do more to provide activities for young people. In 2003/4, 41% of people were calling for action. No the figure has risen to 50%.

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Anonymous said...

i am not surprised. i reported a street light out repeatedly for six weeks before they fixed it. we now have another street light out which has been reported every week for four weeks now and its still not working.