Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Road concerns spark petition

LIBERAL Democrat campaigners in Lobley Hill have launched a petition to Gateshead Council calling for an urgent review of traffic once traffic lights are installed in the area.

Gateshead Council are currently installing traffic lights at the junction of Consett Road, Lobley Hill Road and Whickham Highway, the three main roads that meet at the top of Lobley Hill.

But there are concerns that the traffic lights will cause some drivers to “rat run” along Malvern Gardens and Oakfield Road.

Residents raised their concerns with Susan Craig, who leads the Lobley Hill Liberal Democrat Focus Team.

A petition form has been delivered to 150 households and Susan will deliver the petition to Gateshead Council shortly.

“Residents have a number of concerns about traffic spilling over into the estate,” said Susan. “Our petition asks the Council to look into the problem and consider solutions.”

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