Thursday, August 09, 2007

Lib Dems survey on recycling

LIBERAL Democrats in Gateshead have extended a survey they are carrying out on recycling to the villages of Marley Hill and Byermoor and the Watergate Estate in Whickham.

The survey was launched following the decision by Labour run Gateshead Council to reject a call to set up kerbside collections of plastics and cardboard for recycling. The survey includes a petition calling for a collection scheme to be introduced.

The survey was carried out by Councillor Jonathan Wallace in Byermoor and Marley Hill and by Councillor Peter Maughan in Watergate. It will be extended to other villages in the area shortly.

“The survey so far shows that people have been disappointed with the refusal by Labour in Gateshead to extend kerbside collections to plastics and cardboard,” said Councillor Wallace.

“We already have a large number of signatures on the petition and are looking forward to collecting more.”

Councillor Maughan said, “Our thanks to everyone so far who has taken part in the survey. We will be looking into the issues raised.”

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GREEN MAN said...

Maybe if you stopped chopping down hundreds of tree's, for your crappy Issues leaflets. We wouldn't need to worry about so much recycling. Let us use the trees for the proper purposes, like toilet paper. I have tried to use one of your leaflets for that also, but it was no bloody good for toilet paper. A bit like the Lib Dems as a whole. No good for anything, and not fit to wipe my a**e with. :-)