Tuesday, August 28, 2007

MP criticised for praising herself

A LEADING Liberal Democrat in Gateshead has criticised a Labour MP in the borough for writing and promoting a Parliamentary motion praising herself.

Dr Jonathan Wallace, Councillor for Whickham South and Sunniside, is calling on Sharon Hodgson MP to explain why she used the Parliamentary device of an Early Day Motion to welcome her own actions.

Motion 1386, proposed by Ms Hodgson, attacks the customer complaints procedure of no frills airline EasyJet. But is also includes the line: "welcomes efforts by the hon. Member for Gateshead East and Washington West to ensure that the rights of online consumers are incorporated in the Consumer, Estate Agents and Redress Bill."

Ms Hodgson is the Member for Gateshead East and Washington West!

“Whilst people have come to expect a degree of self-promotion from MPs, this one beats just about everything else I have seen,” said Councillor Wallace.

“Early Day Motions are a device for raising in Parliament issues of concern to MPs and their constituents. Sometimes they are used by MPs to promote and praise the work of local community groups and constituents.

“So it is rather surprising to find an MP using one to heap praise on herself.”

In December 2006, the Gateshead Labour Party adopted Dave Clelland as their candidate for the new Gateshead Constituency, leaving Ms Hodgson to search for a Parliamentary seat outside the borough.

A full copy of the motion can be found on: http://edmi.parliament.uk/EDMi/EDMDetails.aspx?EDMID=33167&SESSION=885

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