Thursday, September 13, 2007

Hermitage Lane

Whickham has a new address - Hermitage Lane. Over a year ago, the lane
between the Hermitage and Whickham Community Centre was resurfaced to aid access to the Community Centre and the Whickham Community garden.

Recently, it was decided that the newly resurfaced lane should have a name. Formerly it was known as 'the back of Fellside Court'. So, members of all of the groups that meet at the Community Centre were asked to suggest a name for the lane. A shortlist was then prepared; to get onto the shortlist names could not be similar to other exisiting street names in the area.

The winning name was announced by Councillor Peter Craig last Saturday at a special 'Lane Naming' fayre organised by the Community Centre groups. This was organised to coincide with an event held in the Community Garden for Heritage Weekend.
Photo: Councillor Peter Craig announces the new name of the lane at "the back of Fellside Court" - Hermitage Lane


con man said...

I know this a blog on Gateshead, but considering your repeated announcements that the Tories are 'dead in the water' in the North East, would you care to comment on their gain in Washington East yesterday (not far from Gateshead, admittedly)?

Incidentally, that result might have put paid to calls for an early General Election!

con man said...

No reply.

Well, better nothing said, than bullshit, I suppose!

Jonathan Wallace said...

You must be living in cloud cuckoo land if you think one council byelection result (in a ward where the Conservatives already have one seat) is going to change the date of the general election, or is somehow indicative of a resurgent Tory Party in the North East. With no Tories on Newcastle or Gateshead or most authorities in Co Durham< the Conservatives can hardly claim to be alive and kicking in the region.

con man said...

But they kicked your party's backside in that by-election.

Your party has only one seat in Sunderland too.

Also, Labour once held all-three seats in that ward. Now the Tories hold two with the prospect of taking the third next May. No sign of a Lib Dem surge in Sunderland.

I think what it indicates is that where the Tories are organised in the North East, it is far from over for them, despite your gloomy predictions.

You also presume that they will stay disorganised in the parts of Tyneside you mention.

If nothing else, they will split the anti-Labour vote and prevent your party making gains.

The Barmston Lady from The Willows said...

As a Washington resident alerted to this site by my work colleague - an ex-wife of a former Whickham Labour councillor, I am somewhat amazed by the comments of the Conservative man - sorry ! Con Man.

Let's get one thing straight. Washington has been served by Labour councillors since becoming part of Sunderland in 1974, with the exception of a couple of SDP councillors for a very short space of time in the council seats of Washington South and West during the early 1980's.

Political representation at all levels in this town has been very poor all this time. We don't receive leaflets through our doors from Labour councillors (they tell us and consult us on nothing) compared to what my colleague receives from the Lib Dems in her village, Swalwell.

The fact of the matter is that the council seats in the Washington area are beginning to fall to the Tories because they are the only active political alternative in this town. And most importantly of all, people are beginning to realise what poor service is being delivered by their current Labour representatives and are seeking change.

I honestly believe these seats would have gone to the first alternative political party to stand up and challenge the Labour Party in this area, Lib Dems, Tories or even an Independant. And the Tories are winning the race - so far.

So, Conservative man, sorry, Con Man, you are living in cloud cuckoo land when it comes to your claims on Washington.