Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Refreshed and ready for action – Gateshead Liberal Democrats

Liberal Democrat campaigners have returned to Gateshead from the party’s conference in Brighton with a spring in their step.

And they are already taking their message to the people of Gateshead with a campaign of door knocking and Focus newsletter delivery.

“Liberal Democrats had a great conference,” said Councillor Peter Maughan. “We have agreed policies that put the Liberal Democrats way ahead of the other parties on the environment. We voted for radical changes to the tax system to cut national income tax for hard working people.

“This will be paid for by shifting the tax burden onto those who pollute – for example by increasing car tax on gas-guzzlers and raising the duty paid on the most polluting aircraft.

“And we will tackle head on Gordon Brown’s policies that have led to greater dependency on benefits for some and a bigger gap between the rich and poor than there was even under Margaret Thatcher.

“We are taking our message of greener policies, fairer taxes and a better society to the people of Gateshead.

“As Ming Campbell said in his leader’s speech, British politics is now one against two. With Labour and the Conservatives agreed on so many of the big issues, from Iraq to taxes, we are the only alternative to the cosy Lab-Con consensus.

“Liberal Democrats in Gateshead are ready for that challenge. And we are ready for the general election – whenever Gordon Brown calls it. The sooner the better!”
Photo: Ming Campbell gives his conference closing speech at Brighton.

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