Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Labour sharpens axe for Post Offices

Labour have started to sharpen the axe as the government finalises plans to close one in every five Post Offices. No area of the country will be save from Labour's Post Office massacre.
The closure plans were pushed through by Labour ministers despite claims that Labour support keeping branches open.

Officials will be deciding which of our local branches here in Gateshead are to be axed in the spring next year.

Liberal Democrats throughout Gateshead have collected over 3000 signatures on a petition to the government calling on ministers to abandon their plans.

But in a sign of things to come, Labour in Gateshead have already been making life difficult for local Post Office branches. Shortly after this year’s elections, Labour councillors voted to stop a Post Office in the borough installing a cash machine. The postmaster has informed us that as a result, the future of the branch in doubt.

Lib Dem campaigner Susan Craig said, "Post Offices are at the heart of many communities but Labour are demolishing the network branch by branch. Next year Labour will announce which branches are to close in Gateshead. Liberal Democrats will continue to fight these closure plans."

Photo: Lib Dem campaigner Susan Craig opposes Labour's plans to close every 5th Post Office.

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