Thursday, October 11, 2007

New Scholars’ Bus Services

New scholars’ bus services have been introduced to relieve pressure on existing services. The new 898 and 896 services are for school children travelling to Whickham School from Dunston.

The 898 service starts from Park Terrace at 8.35 am, goes via the Dun Cow (8.40am), top of Knightside Gardens (8.43am) and arrives at Whickham School at 8.50am.

The 896 will start at Whickham School at 3.15pm and travel via Kingsway/Gladeley Way, Sunniside (3.25pm), Sun Street, Sunniside, (3.30pm), Lobley Hill (3.35pm), top of Knightside Gardens (at 3.37pm), Dun Cow (3.45pm) and Dunston Road (at 3.50pm).

A new scholars journey, service 894 began operating on Monday 1st October, starting at Winlaton Bus Station at 07.45. It will assist students to travel to both Whickham School and Emmanuel College travelling via Parkhead, Blaydon Bank, Blaydon Bus Station, Swalwell, North View, Whickham Front St, Lobley Hill to Emmanuel College.

It will also have the advantage of freeing up the 69 service for residents travelling to work at that time, as around 40 school children are currently using the service.

"These scholars services will take a lot of the pressure off existing bus services," said Cllr Peter Maughan. “I am pleased we have made some progress with the bus company though we are continuing discussions on a range of problems with other bus services."

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