Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Unemployment stays high in Dunston and Teams

Unemployment in Dunston and Teams ward in the most recent figures shows the number out of work and in receipt of Job Seekers Allowance remain amongst the highest in Gateshead at 289, or 8.9% of the working population.

The figures for August reveal that only one other ward in Gateshead, Bridges, has a higher unemployment rate (293 - 10.2%).

Whilst the Dunston and Teams ward shows a fall from August 2006, the rate is more than double the Gateshead average and over three times the national average.

The figures are not the full number of unemployed. The Labour government counts only those on Job Seekers Allowance when publishing local unemployment numbers. The actual number of people out of work is therefore much higher.

"This is a worrying figure," said Dunston and Teams Lib Dem campaigner Michael Ruddy. "It shows Labour's promise to bring in full employment has not reached our area."

Meanwhile, in Lobley Hill and Bensham ward, the August figures show the number of jobless people on Job Seekers Allowance at 229, or 5.5% of the working population. There has been no drop in the figures for the ward.

"Whilst the level is lower than in some other areas, the actual number is still too high," said Susan Craig from the Lobley Hill and Bensham Lib Dem Focus Team.


clasper village genius said...

You are again, Jonathan, speaking for the candidates?

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The Clasper Village Genius ?
Belly Laugh, Belly Laugh.
Why don't you and your Bereaving Non Political (BNP) bum chums come into the real walks of life and get to grips with the real issues our area instead of using a LD web blog for your personal bum chats ?

Sorry CVG, you are, and will continue to be a non entity in this area. Your outstanding vote in the July election proves that ? Errr, where were you lot by the way ? ?

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"Bum chats"?

Third in that election.

Out of four.

Lib Dems second and about 500 votes behind Labour, who are doing such a wonderful job in D&T, as you well know!

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3rd out of 4 = exactly darling! In what is supposedly your top NE target ! Laugh out loud and give me strength darling XxX

I'm afraid you've already lost the arguement on that one, as it's not so long ago that another reader challenged you to name your party's top NE target if Dunston was not.

Over to you darling. xXx
Before you respond in denial, read up on the historical links on this web !

I love you really Clasper xXx but despise your politics.


"You'll never guess who".

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But never mention 'bum chats' on this blog ever again!

Key word is "supposedly" with regards target seat.

While the NEBNP's real target seat is........

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Every time I see you and you touch me I need a cold shower. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX