Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Swalwell roundabout

After a long delay due to officers' concerns about utilities under the site, work on Swalwell roundabout has now been completed.

Cllr Mary Wallace said: 'For a long time, we have worked to get something done about this multi-junction roundabout to improve its safety and flow of traffic. We are pleased that the improvements have now taken place.

“However we will continue to press for more necessary measures here and in other parts of the Whickham area to ensure the safety of residents and those passing through.”

Your councillors have also successfully objected to the erection of advertising hoardings near the Swalwell roundabout and had them removed along Hexham Road.

'These were a dangerous distraction for drivers turning out from Whickham Bank' said Cllr Peter Craig.

Mary, Peter and Councillor Chris Ord are pressing in particular for safer crossings points to be installed on Whickham/Swalwell Bank. They are hoping to meet with
safety officers soon to pursue this matter.

Congestion in the area is big problem. At Swalwell Bridge roundabout it is particularly bad. “We realize that improvements here will be very expensive,' said Mary. “However we will continue to press to have this work done to benefit people in the west of the Borough as well as Whickham/Swalwell area.”

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