Friday, October 05, 2007

European Parliament call for Path Head dumping to be suspended

A campaign by Ryton and Blaydon residents to close down Path Head landfill site next to Blaydon is drawing nearer to success after a hearing in the European Parliament.

Labour run Gateshead Council gave the go-ahead to rubbish dumping at the site despite strong local opposition and concerns about the health risks and the impact on local water courses.

A petition by local residents against dumping at the former Path Head Quarry was handed in to the European Parliament last year. The petition was backed by Liberal Democrat North East Member of the European Parliament Fiona Hall.

As a result, the European Parliament has recommended that dumping be suspended until representatives from the European Commission and the Environment Agency have visited the site.

Residents Against Rubbish campaigner, Daniel Grey was at the hearingof the Parliament’s petitions committtee that considered the Path Head issue. He said, “The petition received unbelievable support in the parliament. I explained that there have already been three breaches of their permit.

“Groundwater on the site is still a serious issue and this was fully recognised by the Parliament in their decision to recommend a suspension of work on the site.

“I look forward to hearing the findings of the European Commission and Environment Agency following their visit and to taking the campaign forward.”

Liberal Democrat MEP Fiona Hall has expressed continuing concerns over the safety of the site. She said, “There was strong evidence against the landfill site being allowed in the first place as there was no strategic environmental assessment.

“I am pleased that the European Parliament has recommended the site be closed. It is a step towards victory for the Path Head campaign.”

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