Thursday, October 18, 2007

Call to withdraw “inaccurate and misleading” recycling claims

Liberal Democrat Councillors in Gateshead are calling on Labour to withdraw allegations they have made about Liberal Democrat run Newcastle Council.

Labour council candidates Peter de Vere and Elaine Dobson have circulated a leaflet in the Whickham area which lays into their Lib Dem opponents, claiming millions have been wasted on a recycling scheme that had to be abandoned across the river in Newcastle.

They allege, “In a classic case of putting the (waste) cart before the horse, LibDems in Newcastle rushed through a policy which they have had to reverse after committing huge resources and wasting millions.”

But City Council leader Councillor John Shipley, in a special message to the residents of Whickham, has stated that Labour’s claims are incorrect.

Councillor Shipley said, “Labour are wrong - there has been no reverse and no cost to the Council at all.”

And he went on to explain, “Under the Liberal Democrats, Newcastle will have weekly ordinary waste collections from all homes plus a fortnightly recyclable collection (paper, cardboard, plastic, tin, fabrics and glass in a single wheelie bin - glass in a separate drawer to avoid breakages) from most homes plus garden waste from half of homes fortnightly.”

Whickham Councillor Jonathan Wallace is leading the charge against Labour’s claims.

He said, “Liberal Democrat Newcastle is introducing a recycling scheme that is light years ahead of Labour Gateshead.

“There have been no policy reverses resulting in millions being wasted. Labour have simply made the story up.

“At a time when Labour are mired in controversy over spin, in Gateshead Labour are spinning out of control. I have written to Mr de Vere and Ms Dobson to ask them to withdraw their claims.

“I have even offered them the opportunity to have a retraction included in our Focus community newsletters. I await their reply.”


Jacqueline Riley said...

Does these people really believe expect to be taken seriously ? Everyone I've spoken with has laughed at their ridiculous Jackanory stories.

clasper village genius said...

Of course, the Lib Dems never tell fibs, do they?

jacqueline riley said...

dunno you tell me