Friday, October 05, 2007

Taxibus service for Winlaton Mill

Following the ending by Go North East bus company of the 41 and 42 bus services between Winlaton Mill and Winlaton, Tyne and Wear public transport body Nexus has stepped in with a replacement Taxibus service.

Called the TBxx, it will operate between Winlaton Mill and Blaydon via Winlaton Bus Station and the High Axwell area of the Hole in the Wall estate.

The taxibus will stop at bus stops and other safe places on the route. You just have to hail it to pick you up.

“We were concerned when the bus company announced the end of the 41 and 42 bus service to Winlaton Mill,” said Councillor Brenda Osborne.

“I’m keen that the new taxibus is a success for residents so please use it!”

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