Friday, December 21, 2007

Post Office appeals against planning decision

A VILLAGE post office in Gateshead is calling on residents to back an appeal against a decision by the Council to block a proposal for an automatic cash machine to be installed.

Sunniside Post Master Paul Mein, and the village’s local Liberal Democrat Councillor, Jonathan Wallace, are urging residents to back the appeal to ensure the branch remains open.

Gateshead Council rejected the plans for the cash machine in June, claiming the road was too busy. The planning committee also said it was not appropriate to put the cash machine in the post office as it was next to a pedestrian crossing.

But over 200 residents signed a petition backing the application and there was widespread surprise in Sunniside when the plans were thrown out.

Mr Mein said, “We have a petition in the branch so that people can show their support for the Post Office.

“The cash machine is important to securing the future of the branch and it will be a boost to the village as it will be the only free to use, 24 hour cash machine in Sunniside.

“Customers have been coming into the branch to tell us how surprised they are at the Council’s decision and we have already collected hundreds of signatures.”

Councillor Jonathan Wallace said, “This was a very odd decision by the planning committee to reject the application. There are many busy front streets on Tyneside and many have cash machines in them, next to pedestrian crossings.

“The cash machine will also help Sunniside’s branch survive. This is especially important at a time when the government has taken away so much business from the Post Office network.

“The decision taken in June defies logic. So I am pleased to be able to support the appeal and will be doing all I can to show to Planning Inspectors that the decision should be overturned and the machine installed.”

Attached: photo of Post Master Paul Mein and Councillor Jonathan Wallace outside Sunniside Post Office holding a banner backing the Post Office appeal.


Anonymous said...

Why you promising things you
cant deliver?

Anonymous said...

Very interesting and unbelievable Labour hypocrisy indeed. From a government that has set out to close the loss making brances in order to support the more vibrant branches which are still accessible for people to get to.

i use suuniside post office regularly for an elderly relative and came across your blog story from the postmaster

theoutcome will be interesting

enid schofield
urpeth grange

Jonathan Wallace said...

To the anonymous person asking about promises and delivery, I suggest you read the article. I made no promises. What I am doing is fighting the ridiculous decision to reject the applicaiton for a cash machine. Whether or not the appeal is accepted or rejected is a decision for the minister, taken after a hearing by planning inspectors. Are you suggesting we should not put up a fight?