Thursday, November 22, 2007

Councillors’ walkabouts a success

LIBERAL Democrat Councillors representing Sunniside and Swalwell on Gateshead Council have carried out walkabouts in the two villages to look at issues and concerns raised by residents.

The councillors advertised the walkabouts in their regular ward newsletters and their email newsletter, and asked residents to send in their ideas on what should be visited on the walkabouts which were carried out on Saturday mornings on 10th and 17th November.

“We carried out a similar exercise in June in Whickham village which went very well,” said Councillor Mary Wallace. “So we wanted to extend them to Sunniside and Swalwell.

“As a result of the suggestions that came in from residents, we had a long list of issues to look into. We therefore had full mornings looking into issues such as blocked paths, unsafe structures, flower beds and so on.

“We are currently taking up the issues raised with the Council’s officers.”

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