Thursday, November 22, 2007

MP for Blaydon denies people a vote on Europe

Liberal Democrats in Blaydon are calling on Labour MP David Andersonto explain to local residents why he voted to stop the people having their say on Europe.

Labour and the Conservatives voted together on Wednesday 14th November to deny the public a crucial vote on whether or not the UK should remain in the European Union. A Liberal Democrat amendment to the Queen's Speech laid out proposals for a referendum on the UK's continued membership of the European Union.

Local Liberal Democrat campaigner Jonathan Wallace said, “Labour and the Tories have rejected our call for the public to vote on the UK's membership of the European Union. David Anderson joined with the Labour and Conservative leadership to block the people from having their say.

“Membership of the European Union is hugely positive for Britain. Cheaper goods, better environmental protection, increased freedom to work and live abroad, and a stronger framework for tackling international crime are just some of the benefits. But the EU has changed beyond recognition since we last had a referendum in 1975. No member of the public under the age of fifty has had the opportunity to vote on the crucial cumulative changes that have taken place over the last few decades.

“The case for a referendum to endorse, or reject, Britain’s membership of this very different European Union is overwhelming and the Liberal Democrats will be proud to lead the pro-Europe case."

Councillor Peter Maughan said, “It is disappointing that Labour and Conservatives joined forces to defeat the call for the people to have a referendum. David Anderson must now explain to the people of Blaydon constituency why he has denied them a say.”

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Anonymous said...

Speaking as an anti-european, I find it strange, and perphaps unbelievable that the LIBERALS (a pro european party) are the only ones willing and brave enough to give us a vote, where Labour, Tories and Nationalists just continue hoping the subject of Europe will go away from the headlines and people's minds. It will not, and we need a vote to settle this once and for all.