Sunday, November 11, 2007

Call on Labour to "clean up" their act!

Anyone remember the story that did the rounds earlier this year that Whickham School was about to be replaced with a brand new school?

It came about because Labour in the local elections claimed a new school was about to be built. No plans have been put into place yet for a new school!

Or how about the claim Labour opposed building flats on the site of Fellside Road garage? A few weeks later they voted to give planning permission for housing there.

Maybe you remember the claims that the Labour Party are supposed to be opposed to car parking charges in Whickham? (Labour made the claim after having voted to bring in the charges!)

And in the past few weeks, Labour have completely made up a story about Lib Dem run Newcastle Council, claiming a recycling scheme was introduced, immediately abandoned and millions wasted. The whole claim was a work of fiction.

These are some of the growing number ridiculous of Labour's claims in the Whickham area. So local Lib Dem councillors are calling on Labour to "clean up their act". Complete with brooms, mops, pinnies and feather dusters, Councillors Chris Ord, Peter Craig and Mary Wallace have dressed up to give Labour the clean up message!

"We thought we would give a light hearted response to Labour's unbelievable claims," said Peter. "But there is a serious point as well. Labour spin is out of control. Their claims just get more and more extreme.

"When we read the story they had made up about Newcastle's Lib Dem Council's recycling plans (see opposite) we felt it was time for them to come clean.

"So come on Labour, clean up your act now and stop making ridiculous claims!"

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there's some good laughs here.