Sunday, November 11, 2007

Fellside Road, Whickham

The tragic accident earlier this week on Fellside Road has focused attention again on the dangers of this road and how they can be reduced.

The accident, on the evening of Tuesday 6th November, happened between The Woodmans and the entrance to the Golf Club.

The road currently has national speed restrictions (60mph) in place from the edge of Whickham to the Pack Horse at Burnopfield.

The accident record of the road - 22 accidents involving injury over the last 5 years, 4 of which resulted in a fatality – had already led Gateshead Council to review the road conditions.

A traffic and speed management review of Fellside Road has been underway for several months. Proposals being looked at include extra signing and roadmarking to raise awareness of the Golf Club and farm entrances and better warning signs of bends. Where possible it is also intended to install reflective verge marker posts to mark out the edge of carriageway around the outside of certain bends.

The review is also looking at the existing speed limit, taking into account national guidelines, the character of the road, the traffic and speed survey information and the accident history.

In recent years various measures have been introduced along the road including renewal of roadmarkings, upgrading of bend warning signs and the introduction of two sections of anti skid surfacing onto bends which were considered particularly vulnerable.

Your local councillors have raised on a number of occasions (including by Councillor Marilynn Ord in October) the need to look at safety on this road and the introduction of a lower speed limit. We are continuing to raise this matter and will keep residents in touch with progress.

If you have any concerns you wish to raise with us about this road, please feel free to do so by replying to this email.

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