Thursday, February 21, 2008

Speed reduction plans “don’t go far enough”

A proposal to cut a speed limit on a busy road near Whickham, Gateshead, that has seen a number of fatal accidents in recent years, does not go far enough, claim the area’s Liberal Democrat councillors.

Plans to cut the speed limit on Fellside Road, on the section from the Woodman’s Arms public house, past the entrance to Whickham Golf Club, to the edge of Whickham, from 60mph to 50mph have been put forward by highway engineers.

A review of conditions on the road was carried out in 2007. In the previous 5 years there had been 22 road accidents involving injuries. Four involved fatalities.

“Highway engineers are proposing a number of measures,” said Councillor Alan Ord. “Whilst some of the proposals for better road and verge markings are welcome, Councillors Marilynn Ord, Jonathan Wallace and I do not feel the speed reduction proposals go far enough.

“We have been asked for our views by the engineers and we have called for the whole of the road from the edge of Whickham to Burnopfield to be reduced from 60mph to 40mph. We are continuing to press for this improvement.

“This is a dangerous road with a poor accident record. Excessive speed is making the situation worse. We feel 40mph would lower the danger considerably.”

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