Friday, February 15, 2008

Whickham housing plans rejected

PLANS to build flats for elderly people in Whickham have been rejected by Gateshead Council’s planning committee.

McCarthy and Stone had wanted to build a block of two to four storeys containing 49 apartments on the site of Whickham Motor Company on Whickham Bank.

But fears that neighbouring houses and bungalows would be overshadowed by such a large development put a brake on the proposals.

Local Liberal Democrat Councillors Mary Wallace and Peter Craig carried out a survey of over 400 local residents about the proposals when they were first published in November. Over 100 people replied to the survey and a wide range of concerns were raised.

“This is a very prominent location on a busy road,” said Mary. “A large development along the lines proposed could have had a big impact on traffic.

“There is also a large number of bungalows and houses next to the site and a four storey block there would mean a large number of people losing their privacy.

“A suitable use for the site needs to be found but it should not be a development that impacts so heavily on people already living in the area.”
Photo: Councillors Peter Craig and Mary Wallace at the Whickham Motors site on Whickham Bank

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