Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Planners to see controversial housing site

Gateshead’s planning committee is to visit the site where a controversial planning application is stirring community unrest.


An application has been lodged with Gateshead Council to demolish the 100 year old house at 59 Grange Lane, Whickham, and replace it with one detached and four terraced houses.


Access to the four terraced houses will be off Grange Nook, a small street next to the site that is already tightly packed. The application has received 27 letters of objection from residents.


Planning permission has been granted in the past two years to demolish two other old houses on Grange Lane and replace them with larger numbers of smaller homes.


When the plan was presented to the planning committee today (21st May) it was agreed that a site visit by the committee was needed before any decision should be taken.


Local Liberal Democrat councillor Marilynn Ord, who opposes the plan, welcomed the decision to carry out a visit.


“There is a danger that this area will split at the seams,” said Marilynn. “The access to four of the new houses will be through a narrow street. Grange Lane itself is very narrow but is already a busy access road to the large Grange Estate.


“Furthermore, the homes around the site are nearly all bungalows and many people are concerned about the loss of privacy.


“The existing house is a good example of one of the old houses of Whickham and it would be a pity to see it demolished.


“I am hoping that the visit by the planning committee will help to show the problems that will arise by putting too many new houses here.”


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