Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Housing application raises concerns in Whickham

A planning application for new housing in Whickham, Gateshead, has sparked concern about loss of green belt.

Plans submitted to Gateshead Council to build a new detached house behind the current buildings at the riding stable (Dunston West Farm) on Whickham Highway could lead to erosion of the green fringe between Whickham and Dunston, say local Councillors Peter Maughan and Allison Chatto.

The application is for one house which is adjacent to, but not on, the green belt.

Peter and Allison have written to residents of the neighbouring Lakes Estate to inform them of the application.

In their letter they say, “The plan which has been lodged clearly shows at least five building plots – some of them apparently in the green belt – and it seems to us that this may be the first step in an application for multiple residential development on the riding stable land.”

Speaking about the application, Peter said, “The green belt is meant to stop small towns merging into large conurbations. It is meant to provide an open, green envelope around places such as Whickham and Dunston Hill.

“This application, if approved, could be the start of a nibbling away of the green belt.”

A decision on the application will be taken in September by Gateshead Council’s planning committee.

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