Thursday, August 21, 2008

Liberal Democrats prepare to go to conference

LIBERAL Democrats in Gateshead are making their final preparations to attend the party’s conference in Bournemouth in September.

4 members from Gateshead will be heading for the conference which will be held from Saturday 13th to Wednesday 17th September.

Debates taking place will include pensions, crime, eco-towns, the housing and mortgage crisis, transport and health.

“We are looking forward to a good conference and some lively debates,” said Councillor Jonathan Wallace. “We are also looking forward to speeches from leading figures in the Liberal Democrats, particularly Nick Clegg’s Leader’s speech on the final day.

“People in Gateshead are feeling the pinch with rising unemployment, rising prices for food and energy and a collapsing housing market. So there will be a great deal of interest in the debate about the housing and mortgage crisis and in the speech of Vince Cable MP, our Shadow Chancellor.”

Jonathan is also part of a team of photographers and video makers who will be capturing the conference on film. He will have access to the whole of the conference centre, including the backstage area throughout the five day gathering.

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