Friday, January 08, 2010

Lib Dems in Blaydon launch appeal to Labour voters

Liberal Democrats in Blaydon constituency are urging disillusioned Labour voters to switch to Nick Clegg’s party, following the latest failed attempted by Labour MPs to get rid of Gordon Brown.

Former Cabinet members Geoff Hoon MP and Patricia Hewitt MP launched a failed bid to topple Mr Brown on Wednesday 6th January, the latest in a series of attempts by Labour MPs to dump their leader.

Neil Bradbury, who hopes to be elected as the Lib Dem MP for Blaydon in the general election in just a few weeks’ time, said that people in the constituency who have normally voted Labour were now “fed up to the back teeth with Gordon Brown and his squabbling party.”

In a message to constituents on his blog, Neil writes, “I have lost count of the number of people who have voted Labour for years who now want nothing to do with their traditional party.

“In Blaydon, people are fed up with this failed Prime Minister. They are fed up with a Labour Party that is more interested in fighting itself rather than getting on with the task of sorting out the economic mess.

“People want a government that is putting the country back on the road to recovery and they are simply not getting that from Labour. They don’t believe David Cameron’s shallow, bland promises and they know he can’t deliver for Blaydon.

“My message to those people is to vote Liberal Democrat in Blaydon. The constituency is my priority and as MP for the area, I will fight hard for a fair deal.

“But staying at home rather than voting is a recipe for no change and the same old, failed business-as-usual under Labour.

“That’s why I am making a special appeal to former Labour voters to vote for a new MP and real change in Blaydon by voting Liberal Democrat.”

Neil’s hopes in Blaydon are high because the Labour majority is only 5,000, one of the lowest in the North East. The Conservative vote last time was only 3,000, making Blaydon one of the most unwinnable seats for David Cameron anywhere in the UK.

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Anonymous said...

The primary aim of the next election is to get the current administration as far from power as possible. Labour have outright ruined vast swathes of this country, and have decimated parlimentory democracy.

Unfortunatly, the pig in a red rosette brigade will probably be enough to keep the likes of Clelland from visiting the dole queues they have done so much to enlarge.

At both a local and national level more needs to be done to highlight the failure of this government. Massive increases in taxation, yet poorer standards of education, less being spent on gritting the roads than is spent in properganda about how good a job is made of gritting the roads, or more locally a Town centre left desolate for 2 years while plans are decided upon.

With Cameron creating Blu-Labour the time is surely right to exploit the hatred most thinking people have for Labour and the distrust most have of the Torys.