Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Carbon cut decision welcomed in Gateshead

A decision by Gateshead Council to aim to cut carbon emissions by a tenth in 2010 has been welcomed by Liberal Democrats in Gateshead.

The party’s councillors had planned to move a motion calling on Gateshead to sign up to the 10:10 Campaign but decided not to press the move when it was revealed that the Leader of the Council, Mick Henry, had agreed to the Council becoming part of the campaign.

Carbon emissions from burning fossil fuels such as coal and petrol are know to be leading to climate change and global warming. The effect has been extreme weather, such as the floods last year in the Derwent Valley.

Liberal Democrat Councillor Ione Rippeth, who planned to move the motion before it was withdrawn, said, “This is a decision we were pressing for so we are delighted Gateshead is now to join the 10:10 campaign.

“The work of cutting our carbon starts now. We can all as individuals help to achieve this. The Council, as the biggest employer and owner of buildings in Gateshead, however, can have a big impact on the overall emissions produced by the area.”

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