Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Blaydon call for better deal for our troops

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LIBERAL Democrats in Blaydon constituency have launched a campaign for a better deal for our troops.

Party Leader Nick Clegg has pledged that the Liberal Democrats would raise the pay of the lowest paid soldiers by as much as £6,000. At the moment many soldiers are paid less than new police officers or fire fighters.

In Blaydon, campaigners have launched a petition backing the fair deal for our soldiers. The campaign is being led by Councillor Neil Bradbury, prospective MP for the constituency.

Neil has spent the last few weekends with his team collecting signatures in shopping centres in Blaydon, Ryton, Crawcrook and Whickham.

“Our soldiers put their lives on the line for our country,” said Neil, “but many struggle to make ends meet. That’s not right. They deserve a better deal that they are getting.

“You cannot put a price on the sacrifices made by members of our armed forces but the government can give them a better deal. It’s time we did.

“Over 100 have now signed the petition. Having spoken to many people in the village and town centres in Blaydon constituency, I know just how strongly people feel that our troops should get a better deal.”

A copy of the petition is on line at

Photo: Neil Bradbury and Councillor Sally Danys collecting signatures in Crawcrook on the fair deal for troops petition.

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