Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Gateshead residents asked to give views on road changes

RESIDENTS of a suburb of Gateshead plagued by road problems are being asked by local Liberal Democrats about highway changes recently brought in by Gateshead Council.

Residents of Lobley Hill have raised a string of concerns about difficulties they face driving onto Lobley Hill Bank since controversial changes to the road were brought in by Gateshead Council this year.

The changes included the introduction of a bus lane, traffic lights with the junction with the A1 and realignment of an access road.

Councillor Frank Hindle, the Liberal Democrats’ prospective MP for Gateshead, is co-ordinating a survey of Lobley Hill’s residents about the difficulties they are facing.

“After the changes, many residents contacted us to tell us it is now more difficult to drive from Beechwood Gardens and Rothbury Gardens onto Lobley Hill Bank,” said Frank.

“Some people are driving through the estate to Alwinton Gardens to drive out onto the main road. Although this is quite a detour, people tell us this is often quicker than trying to use Rothbury or Beechwood Gardens.

“We decided to launch the survey so that we can get a better picture of the situation and how people are coping with the changes Gateshead Council introduced.”

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