Friday, July 06, 2012

Residents battle to save Dunston Hill greenbelt

Dunston Hill petition Jul 12 1

A group of residents campaigning to save greenbelt at Dunston Hill from house-building plans has handed in a petition to Gateshead Council signed by over 1600 residents.

The hand over took place and Thursday 5th July. Members of the residents’ action group are hoping to persuade Gateshead Council to abandon proposals to build 800 executive homes on greenbelt between Whickham, Dunston Hill and Lobley Hill.

Resident Steve Potts said, “Over 1000 people have signed the petition and we hope the Council will take note of the strength of public opinion against the greenbelt proposals.”

People living in the Dunston Hill area fear that the building plans would lead to the loss of large parts of the local countryside.

Resident Janet Ord said, “Watergate Park is a great place for wildlife but building 800 houses next to it will be damaging for the environment.

“There are many brownfield sites waiting to be used for housing in Gateshead. I therefore can’t see why Gateshead Council believe that Dunston Hill should be turned into a huge building site.”

Lib Dem campaigner Dave Fawcett has recently added to the total number of signatures on the petition when he collected 178 in Lobley Hill.

Pictured above: Steve Potts and local residents and campaigners with the petition calling on the Dunston Hill greenbelt to be retained. The petition has now been handed in to Gateshead Council's planners.

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