Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Labour starts Whickham Chase Park sell-off

Whickham Chase Park Mar 17

Gateshead Council’s all-Labour Cabinet have agreed to declare the old stable block, depot, former social services office and Rectory Lane entrance to Chase Park as “surplus to requirements.” This is the first step towards selling them off for house-building.

The plans are being fought by local Lib Dems who are concerned that the sale is the thin end of the wedge that could lead to other parts of the park being sold for housing.

Cllr Peter Maughan opposed the plans when they were discussed by the Cabinet. He argued that the original agreement with the former Whickham Council that saw the former Chase House become a public park in 1936 prevented any sale of the site for housing.

“I took the original agreement signed by Whickham Council to the cabinet meeting but it was clear Labour were not prepared to listen,” said Peter.

“I warned Labour councillors that there will be a huge legal battle ahead if they insist on pressing ahead with this terrible plan. Some things are sacrosanct. Clearly to Labour, Chase Park isn’t.”

Photo above: Lib Dem campaigners Sonya Hawkins, Peter Craig, Marilynn Ord, Peter Maughan, John McClurey, Kevin McClurey and Chris Ord outside the stable block in Chase Park which Labour wants to sell off for housing.

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